You are enough, you are always enough...
Ricki Maslar, CSA, p.g.a. is a successful casting director and producer with over thirty five years’ experience in the entertainment industry.  She has held a variety of positions as an agent, casting director, teacher, and producer.  As a casting director Maslar has had the opportunity to work on studio and independent features with credits that include Hansel and Gretel Get Baked, The Bronx Bull, Under the Bed, The Competition, Christmas In the Heartland and Dahmer.  Her actor-friendly philosophy has earned her high praise from actors and colleagues alike, yet Maslar says she is simply living and working by the ‘golden rule.’

Maslar was born in Chicago and grew up in Oklahoma City.  At age ten she began working as a model in local runway, print and commercials with dreams of becoming an actress.  She married out of college and became involved in the local entertainment community.  Maslar is active in bringing filming to Oklahoma.  She made strong connections to Hollywood and it was casting directors Janet Hirshenson and Mary Jo Slater, who encouraged her to move to Los Angeles to continue her career in entertainment.  

She was honored by the TMA. She was nominated 4 times for the Feature Film Casting Director of the Year.   Maslar has had the privilege of casting well over 200 films.  When Maslar is not casting or producing, she is mentoring up and coming talent.   Teaching has always been a passion for Maslar who has been doing so for over 20 years in Canada and North America. 

​Above all of her accomplishments, Maslar is most proud of her two children – Samantha Anne and Scott Aaron.  Watching her children grow up into wonderful people who work in careers that help others has been her greatest reward.  She is dedicated to helping others and believes everyone can make a difference.  

Ricki G. Maslar is a respected entertainment executive, a member of CSA (Casting Society Of America) and the p.g.a. (Producers Guild of America), dedicated mother, and she looks forward to making films that change lives and make a difference in the world – if only for a moment.
Jenai and Scott Maslar, Samantha Maslar-Bell and Matt Bell, my pride and joy!
Loving what I do....
I am grateful.